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There is an oriental saying that goes "A good reputation is a necklace of pearls": this is what our students, partners and colleagues say about us, our Image Consulting Academy and the advanced training project that we carry out day after day.

Foto di Lara Nicoliello

Before choosing to attend the course with Ilaria and Isabella, I did some research. Considering the current emergency situation, I was weary of undertaking a subject such as colour harmony and the entire basic module through remote classes which often make it more difficult, however I had to reconsider. I am very satisfied with the course and I found important and effective the one to one sessions with the respective teachers at the end of each module, they gave me the opportunity to understand what I had learned from their lessons. Another aspect not to be underestimated is the willingness of both teachers to answer questions. I recommend anyone who wants to enter this world of colours, shapes and so on to do it with Accademia Consulenza di Immagine.

Lara Nicoliello
Foto di Veronica Greco

It was my first experience and I must say that, although everything took place online due to COVID, I couldn’t have chosen a better course! It was organised in a meticulous manner, like a real live course, there was no lack of practical exercises, and the coaching was an added value. Exceptional teachers, beyond my expectations, have always kept my attention and their professionalism and competence is indisputable, they have conveyed all their knowledge and much more, their experiences, their passion and what are the essential characteristics and values that a professional must have! Always available and ready to answer any doubts or questions. I can only be super satisfied!!! Thank you very much!!!!


Veronica Greco
Foto di Gilda Luongo

In a peculiar historical period, undertaking a training course on the profession of online image consultant could have seemed a risky step. However, actually, the teachers Ilaria Marocco and Isabella Ratti with the Academy have lived up to my expectations and to the nomenclature of ‘high training’. Unique and different from each other, prepared on the various topics of colour analysis, body and facial shape, styling and everything else there is to learn in the basic course. Women with great empathy, teachers of fundamental values. They shared their experiences with us, guiding us not to fall where they themselves have stumbled and had to get back up. They taught us cooperation among colleagues and not unfair rivalry. They taught us not to underestimate ourselves and our work, since, as I am able to affirm, one leaves the Academy with a high-quality training background. Thank you very much dear coaches… I’ll see you for the next course.

Gilda Luongo
Foto di Marina Miccoli

The remote learning course offered because of Covid was by no means penalising. The lecturers were able to cope with the remoteness by multiplying their efforts for successful learning. Thanks to the technology they were able to keep my focus at all times. Congratulations to Ilaria and Isabella for their enthusiasm, even at a very difficult time.

Marina Miccoli
Foto di Maria Del Tindares Shapis

The learning module carried out remotely due to the covid emergency was satisfactory. Our lecturers were able to maintain us highly focused. If there were any questions, these were answered immediately. They were always available to answer all the questions or anything unclear, even if it meant repeating it several times. I am nothing but enthusiastic about how it went.

Maria Del Tindares Shapis
Foto di Carmen Damiani

Remote learning was a new experience. Very interesting, not disappointing at all. Ilaria and Isabella were always able to keep me 100% focused. Time passed easily without feeling tired or indifferent at any time. They make the lesson equally engaging.

Carmen Damiani

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