In a peculiar historical period, undertaking a training course on the profession of online image consultant could have seemed a risky step. However, actually, the teachers Ilaria Marocco and Isabella Ratti with the Academy have lived up to my expectations and to the nomenclature of ‘high training’. Unique and different from each other, prepared on the various topics of colour analysis, body and facial shape, styling and everything else there is to learn in the basic course. Women with great empathy, teachers of fundamental values. They shared their experiences with us, guiding us not to fall where they themselves have stumbled and had to get back up. They taught us cooperation among colleagues and not unfair rivalry. They taught us not to underestimate ourselves and our work, since, as I am able to affirm, one leaves the Academy with a high-quality training background. Thank you very much dear coaches… I’ll see you for the next course.