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How are the courses delivered?

The courses at Accademia Consulenza d'Immagine are delivered through online classes that are live streamed on Zoom and not recorded. All the modules are taught by teachers with absolute excellence in their field, coming from very different cultural backgrounds to guarantee a high level of multidisciplinary training. Classes include not only face-to-face learning, but also practical exercises during which you will be able to put what you have learned into practice immediately, as well as special coaching sessions.

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What are the lessons like?

In order to protect the health of each student and teacher, and in compliance with current regulations, all the classes at the Accademia Consulenza d'Immagine can be attended online via live streaming on Zoom. Lessons are not, indeed, pre-recorded, but the teachers are present to facilitate interaction, exchange and the resolution of any doubts students may have in real time.

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Are the results guaranteed by online classes?

The Image Consulting Academy offers 360° training. During the classes, the subjects and topics covered are specifically studied following a complete multidisciplinary training path. Thanks to our lecturers, the teaching materials provided and the numerous interventions offered by experts in the field, students will understand how to exercise the profession of image consultant, how to manage the relationship with their interlocutor and how to expand their client portfolio. The Accademia Consulenza d'Immagine has developed a specific method to guarantee the same results as in-presence teaching for online courses. interlocutore e come ampliare il portafoglio clienti. L’Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine ha ideato un metodo specifico per garantire i medesimi risultati della didattica in presenza per i corsi ergoati online.

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How can I join the live course?

The classes of the courses offered by Accademia Consulenza d'Immagine are held entirely online, in live streaming on Zoom. Students need only access the platform from their PC, smartphone or tablet and comfortably follow the lesson. If it is not possible to follow the live streaming, a recording will be provided of the hours you were absent.

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How can I enrol in the Basic Course and in the Advanced Course?

To enrol in the Basic Course and the Advanced Course at the Accademia Consulenza d'Immagine, simply follow the online procedure on the academy's website. Once you have filled in the form with all the necessary information and clicked on "Enrol", all you have to do is wait for the classes to start and learn all the tips to become a perfect Image Consultant. Remember that the day before the beginning of the course you will receive an email with a link through which you can participate in the classes and, directly at home, a box with the didactic material (the two kits).

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How can I enrol in the individual modules?

To enrol in the individual modules of the Accademia Consulenza d'Immagine, the procedure is the same as for the Basic and Advanced Courses. Simply access the Academy website, select the module you wish to enrol in and click on "enrol". Once you have entered the necessary information you will be able to start following the online classes.

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What are the payment methods?

The payment methods for the Basic Course and the Advanced Course, as well as for the individual modules, are PayPal and bank transfers. The student will have the option of paying a 30% deposit at the time of enrolment and the rest one week before the start of the first module. It is also possible to pay in instalments consisting of a deposit of 30% at the time of enrolment and a further 3 instalments to be paid the week before the start of lessons. Please note that this payment method is only activated on the price list and not on promotional courses.

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What is included in the course package?

In the course package of Accademia Consulenza d'Immagine are included:
- manual in pdf format, variable according to the course or module chosen, containing the slides used during the course;
- final certificate of attendance.
- The Basic course package includes the drape kit and the facial shape kit;
- Those who enrol in the Basic Course and the Advanced Course will also benefit from 2 hours of personal coaching with the relevant lecturers.

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How is the teaching material sent?

The teaching material offered by the Accademia Consulenza d'Immagine varies according to the course and module chosen. Each student will receive by email everything they need to be able to follow the online classes and study in depth everything learned in the classroom at their end. The manuals provided are in pdf format and can be downloaded from any software, both Android and iOS.

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What do the handouts contain?

The handouts offered by Accademia Consulenza d'Immagine to its students include the slides presented during the online classes and all the didactic materials that each teacher prepares specifically for his or her course. Each handout offered is structured in such a way as to offer students all the tools they need to be able to study and learn what was done in the classroom, even if they are absent.

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Can I request an invoice?

Those who purchase one of the courses or modules of the Accademia Consulenza d'Immagine can request an invoice. Before making the payment, the student will have to provide his or her own details or those of the invoice holder and, only afterwards, complete the online procedure by choosing the payment method he or she prefers from those available.

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Is a certificate provided at the end of the course?

For those who choose to follow one of the courses or modules offered by the Accademia Consulenza d'Immagine, a certificate of attendance will be issued at the end of the course. This will certify the training course, the number of hours of lessons and the skills acquired by the student.

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Can I join the Aici Association with my course?

Upon completion of one of our courses or modules, the student will be able to apply for membership of the Association of Image Consultants International. Our courses are structured in such a way as to provide 360° skills, ensuring that each student leaves with a complete and optimised preparation.

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Ilaria Marocco

Isabella Ratti




Un manuale esaustivo e interdisciplinare perfetto per aspiranti image consultant, personal shopper o appassionati del settore. È un concentrato dell’esperienza delle due autrici e della loro passione per la loro professione e per l’insegnamento.

Ilaria Marocco

The Business Dresscoder
Member AICI Italy Chapter

After graduating in “Science of Fashion and Costume” at La Sapienza University in Rome, she continued her training in Milan, specialising in Image Consulting with the best trainers in Italy. Together with her university studies, she furthered her studies on Verbal, Paraverbal, Non-Verbal Communication and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) at the Public Communication University of Rome. These two courses have enabled her to strengthen her knowledge of the role of clothing as a persuasive element in non-verbal communication. An expert in public image management, she works and collaborates with important private and corporate organisations. In corporate consulting she supports organisations that need to create a coordinated, solid and coherent corporate image capable of coherently communicating the value of their work, designing and conceiving corporate uniforms and/or educating teams on the correct corporate Dress Code. In Consulting for private individuals, she works alongside women searching for intelligent and enhancing clothing capable of transferring the desired message to their interlocutors. Since 2019 she has been a member of AICI Italy Chapter.

Treasurer and secretary of the association of image consultants AICI Italy Chapter from June 2019 to June 2021.

For further information you can consult her LinkedIn profile or visit her website www.ilariamarocco.it

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