The aim of the Image Consulting Academy is to create an advanced training course that enables students to acquire all the necessary skills to both begin a career as an image consultant and pursue it successfully.

Solid foundations to become an image consultant

Becoming an image consultant requires investing in your professional and personal training. Learning the basics of image consulting means laying the foundations of a long-lasting profession and acquiring a deep understanding of the tools and ethics behind it.

For example, during our How to become an image consultant – Profession Training all students learn how to perform a colour analysis through draping, the history of this fascinating discipline and how to create a personalised palette. These activities are carried out through lectures, as well as practical exercises with step by step support from the educators.

Providing all the tools for the job

During the lectures – of both the Profession Training and the Expertise Training- the educators teach how to utilise all the instruments of the profession that an image consultant has to know how to employ.

This way, at the end of our advanced training course, not only will you know how to carry out the job from a theoretical point of view, but you will also have the concrete tools to do so. In particular, in addition to the drapes for carrying out the colour analysis, each student receives the look book and the colour book to perform a professional, complete and high-quality standard consultation.

360° training

For the Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine, dealing with high-level training means offering 360° training: the subjects dealt with, the topics and the updates we offer are chosen according to the desire to provide a multidisciplinary training course.

Those who attend our lessons not only understand how to work as an image consultant with a strong ethical imprint, but also how to manage the relationship with their interlocutor and how to expand their client portfolio. For this reason, our advanced training includes the participation of leading experts in the field who can provide important tips and advice on topics such as public speaking, personal branding and the effective management of one’s social profiles.

Would you like to become an image consultant?
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If your secret ambition is to become an image consultant, don’t miss this opportunity. Discover how to independently manage image consulting and shopping support through an advanced training course that will provide you with the basis for a fulfilling profession.

You can attend lessons via live stream on Zoom: the teachers are connected to the platform to teach live, answer questions and interact with you as much as possible. This method of course delivery does not compromise our quality standards, which remain high. High-level training is respected and even more appreciated in this delicate period in history, when teachers make themselves available to continue their training even online.