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Course calendar

The dates shown here refer to the beginning of the image consultant courses and individual modules.

Jul 22

Armocromia per hair stylist

Jul 22

Boot camp

Sep 22

Colour Analysis

Sep 22

Professional Training

Oct 22


Oct 22

Expertise Training

Oct 22

Consulting for men

Oct 22

Figure Analysis

Nov 22


Nov 22

Dress code rules

Nov 22

Personal shopper

Nov 22


Dec 22

Ig and Fb for image consultant

Dec 22

Effective Communication

Dec 22

Personal branding

Professional Training - Image Consultancy Course

During the Professional Training Course you will learn all the necessary skills to become an image consultant: at the end of the advanced training course, you will be ready to start working in the field.

Expertise Training - Image Consulting Course

A natural extension of the Professional Training Course can also be taken separately. During this second and final training step, you will refine the techniques previously learned and enrich them with new skills and tools.

Educational Modules - Courses that can be purchased individually

Becoming an image consultant means not only fulfilling a dream by following a natural inclination for this activity, but also meeting the needs of the Italian and international market.

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Turn your passion into your profession

The Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine is founded in Rome with the aim of providing an advanced training service for all of those who wish to become professional image consultants.

Like other professions, that of the image consultant requires a high level of training, consisting not only of theoretical lectures but also, and above all, practical lessons in which the student can directly deal with the difficulties and wonders of this profession.

By taking part in our classes, you will learn various skills in the most disparate and apparently distant fields from that of image consultancy: from public speaking to personal branding and management of social media profiles. Thanks to the cross-cutting skills acquired throughout the excellent training course at the Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine in Rome, you can really differentiate yourself – and help your potential clients express their full emotional and professional potential.

Cosa dicono di noi

Francesca Musti

It was an experience beyond all expectations, full of emotions and highly augmenting!Ilaria and Isabella are not only two valid professionals, but they are also two special and wonderful people, who with their knowledge and enthusiasm support you and catapult you into a world you don’t expect!
I recommend this course to everyone … at the end you will not recognize each other!
Thank you so much!

Francesca Musti
Giulia Paolucci

The day I spoke to Ilaria on the phone before deciding whether to start, I had a thousand doubts and perplexities for the investment to make but also for the confidence I had in myself, I ended that phone call with my eyes full of joy, of conviction and happiness because I understood that I had found a safe haven from which to leave …

You have exceeded and exceeded my expectations, I did not think I would find such availability, competence, professionalism and humanity… Ilaria and Isabella are two exceptional teachers; expert, highly trained, always understanding and courteous. Always present even when the zoom lesson was over, ready to lend you a hand in any moment of difficulty. I would do this path another hundred thousand times and I am sure that I will do other courses of your Academy… you will not get rid of me easily! I really recommend to all those who want to start a path of this type to rely on the academy, because I have finished this path and I can say that I feel ready and competent, only thanks to you. I can say that you are the Top in all of Italy!

Giulia Paolucci
Anna Dainelli

It had been a long time since I wanted to train as an Image Consultant and after viewing various sites, academies and courses offered on the web, I chose to ask you for information. From the first telephone contact with Isabella, I felt super motivated to want to undertake this path and, having reached the end of it, I could only be more satisfied!

A great atmosphere was created inside the class, even though I had never seen each other in person, I immediately felt completely at ease with both the teachers and the other girls. The topics of the course were treated with extreme precision and professionalism, I am sure that each of us now has all the necessary tools to be able to start a career as an image consultant. So I can only thank Isabella, Ilaria, Matteo and Valeria for the great work and commitment they have shown in creating this course, which for me was really a great revelation!

Anna Dainelli
Francesca Salvagno

Isabella and Ilaria are professionalism, humanity, empathy, passion, availability.
Participating in the “How to become an image consultant” course was like entering a magical world, full of colors, shapes and harmony.
Thank you so much!

Francesca Salvagno
Delia Terranova

The experience of the “How to become an image consultant” course with Ilaria and Isabella was truly rich in concepts, emotions and a lot of sharing.
Ilaria and Isabella are two professionals with great passion for their work and willingness to pass it on to us students. Would I choose to take this course again? IT’S A BIG YES!

Delia Terranova
Patrizia Fini

Taking the “How to become an Image Consultant” course was a wonderful experience. The authors of this adventure were Isabella and Ilaria, who accompanied me along this journey with their great professionalism, empathy and availability. The material provided, the platform used during the course, the coaching with the respective teachers did the rest. I am truly satisfied with the experience I have lived, because in addition to providing me with a valid preparation regarding image consultancy, it has allowed me to have a wonderful experience on a human level.

Patrizia Fini

I docenti dell’Accademia

Isabella Ratti
Style Coach
Business Image Strategist
Member AICI Italy Chapter
Ilaria Marocco
Ilaria Marocco
The Business Dresscoder
Member AICI Italy Chapter
Matteo Maserati
90'' Impact Communication Expert | Speaker | Consultant & Trainer
Francesco Mattucci
Digital trainer & Consulting
presso Garage Raw
Chiara salomone
Chiara Salomone
NEUROFASHION® Psychologist - Founder presso Moda e Psiche
Veronica Gentili
Facebook Marketing
Angelica eruli
Angelica Eruli
Content Marketing Expert
Founder of Wecontent
Angelica pagnelli
Angelica Pagnelli
Eyewear Image
Manuel Boscarelli
Docente iMeMo University e Trainer di Mappe Mentali
Valeria Re
Fondatrice TICHE Ebusiness & Consulting srl

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Professional Training Corso consulenza
di Immagine

Next edition November 2021 and January 2022

Expertise Training Corso consulenza
di Immagine

Next edition  April 2022

Dove siamo

Via Giovanni Maria Lancisi 31
00161 Roma

100mt dall’uscita Policlinico
Metro B (2 fermate da termini)

Isabella Ratti

Style Coach Business Image Strategist
Member AICI Italy Chapter

“When I was a child, I designed clothes, today I help people and companies design their image, turning imperfections and flaws into strengths”.
Isabella Ratti has a degree in Literature, a Doctorate in the history of jewellery and applied arts. Before moving into Image Consulting, as a Style Coach through a high-level training path (Master at Marangoni, Specialisation at IED and Central Saint Martins in London) she worked for famous Fashion Brands in marketing roles. This made her strongly aware of the theme of image as a communication tool in the work and personal sphere, both offline and online, the new frontier of the future. At the beginning of her career, she gained extensive experience in the textile sector in her family’s business. She writes about fashion for various newspapers.
With her company Isabella Ratti Style Coaching & Consulting Sagl she has been working for years in the field of management consulting, dealing with different realities and fields, and this allows her today to be a valid support for professionals and companies who want to improve the management of their business.
Her aim is to make fashion ‘democratic’ – I aim to enhance the value of the person starting from what they look like, their needs and their dreams: transformation happens anyway, however big or small. However, with me, people understand their own image potential and acquire the tools to make the best of it and feel good all the time on every occasion easily.
Author of two books published with Dario Flaccovio: “Fashion Marketing” and “Your online and offline image”.

Co-Founder of the Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine, head of the Image Consultant Specialisation course at the IED in Milan, President of the Associazione Consulenti d’Immagine AICI Italy Chapter from June 2019 to June 2021 and member of the AICI Italy Chapter.

For further information you can consult my LinkedIn profile or visit my website

Ilaria Marocco

The Business Dresscoder
Member AICI Italy Chapter

After graduating in “Science of Fashion and Costume” at La Sapienza University in Rome, she continued her training in Milan, specialising in Image Consulting with the best trainers in Italy. Together with her university studies, she furthered her studies on Verbal, Paraverbal, Non-Verbal Communication and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) at the Public Communication University of Rome. These two courses have enabled her to strengthen her knowledge of the role of clothing as a persuasive element in non-verbal communication. An expert in public image management, she works and collaborates with important private and corporate organisations. In corporate consulting she supports organisations that need to create a coordinated, solid and coherent corporate image capable of coherently communicating the value of their work, designing and conceiving corporate uniforms and/or educating teams on the correct corporate Dress Code. In Consulting for private individuals, she works alongside women searching for intelligent and enhancing clothing capable of transferring the desired message to their interlocutors. Since 2019 she has been a member of AICI Italy Chapter.

Treasurer and secretary of the association of image consultants AICI Italy Chapter from June 2019 to June 2021.

For further information you can consult her LinkedIn profile or visit her website

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Un manuale esaustivo e interdisciplinare perfetto per aspiranti image consultant, personal shopper o appassionati del settore. È un concentrato dell’esperienza delle due autrici e della loro passione per la loro professione e per l’insegnamento.

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