The Accademia Italiana Consulenza d’Immagine stems from the desire to offer students and enthusiasts advanced training courses to establish a solid foundation to become successful image consultants.

School of excellence

If you are wondering how to become an image consultant, the answer lies in the advanced training course which you can take at our Accademia Italiana Consulenza d’Immagine.

Investing in your personal development means ensuring a future in the field of your dreams: it is possible to turn your passion into a career, as long as motivation, dedication and studying are combined. Our instructors, thanks to their respective vertical competences in specific fields, will be able to share with you information, competences and some tricks of the trade.

Being an Image Consultant today means, not only becoming an expert in colour analysis, body and face morphology, as well as in dress code, but also being competent and effective communicators. Indeed, by delving into topics such as colour psychology and neuromarketing, you will be able to understand the dynamics of the human mind, and, therefore, help those who need image consulting.

Why choose Advanced Training

Choosing advanced training means investing in an educational pathway which will allow you to achieve your goals. Specifically, by enrolling for our courses you will be able to benefit from all the perks that quality training can offer, among which:

Multidisciplinary approach

At the Accademia Italiana Consulenza d’Immagine many educators that come from very different fields and cultural backgrounds are able to contribute. Each of them makes available to the students their expertise, their experience and some suggestions on how to best conduct the job.

Taught lectures and practice exercise

Differently from what occurs in most courses, our Basic Course and the Advanced Course include not only the hours of taught classes, but also practice exercises during which you will have the possibility of immediately putting into practice what you have learned.

Detailed programs and certifications

From the moment you sign up you will receive not only a detailed program of the topics which will be covered, but also the entire toolkit to be able to become an image consultant (banners included!).

Tutoring with educators:

all teachers are available to review the exercises and reply to your questions during the course.

Online and in streaming courses

all courses can be attended online, in live streaming on Zoom. The classes are not recorded, but the educators are present in front of the students to promote interaction by sharing and replying to questions in real time. The online delivery of the courses does not affect their quality which, even though remotely, ensures a high qualitative standard equal to advanced courses attended in person.

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The Accademia Italiana Consulenza d’Immagine offers a Basic Course and an Advanced Course, available both online and in person. Transform your passion in a profession and turn on the green light of advanced training enrolling in our educational pathway.