Boot Camp: practical session in the classroom

Corso Boot Camp: practical session in the classroom

Being an image consultant who brings on his profession in a way that is useful both for himself and for his customer is not easy: in addition to theoretical knowledge, it also takes a lot of practice.

That’s why Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine dedicates a peculiar attention to exercises, during the “Boot Camp: Practical session in the classroom” module.

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The Bootcamp module is an 8-hour day of training, practice and refinement for image consultants who wish to improve their practical skills.
The practical sessions are focused on four areas of image consultancy, which are in turn divided into practice boot camps for both the female client and the male client. During the training, trainees will be able to practice firsthand on a typical client, with the support of a qualified teacher.

The importance of practice for image consultants

Undertaking a higher education path is essential for those who intend to devote themselves to the profession of image consultant in a comprehensive and profitable way: learning the theoretical knowledge that is essential in order to carry out this profession is the starting point of a long career.
However, the knowledge on paper must be followed by as many practical skills, which can be learned during the lessons of an advanced training course or with experience.

boot camp

Practical lessons are therefore to be considered as the worthy crowning of an advanced training course: the end of the frontal learning hours is the time to test what you have learned. The use of “tool letto” on slides becomes practical thanks to the support of teachers who can help you set up a counseling session correctly and develop the typical “critical eye” of a professional consultant.

Who is it for?

The classroom practice Bootcamp is dedicated not only to our learners, but also to those who have previously attended other training schools and want to deepen the practical part of image consulting.

This is why in our Boot camps we welcome and work with trainees who, regardless of their training, wish to:

  • put theory into practice;
  • perform exercises on target clients before starting your business;
  • clarify any doubts that may have arisen during the theoretical learning of the subjects;
  • become more familiar and confident in the areas of expertise of image consultancy;
  • wants to improve their practice, immersing themselves in a real image consultancy situation.

Our Boot camp is offered in addition to the hours of practical exercises included in the advanced training courses of the Image Consulting Academy.

Module program

The Boot camp provides practical exercises in the four areas of image consulting:

  • Practical exercise on color analysis (Armocromia)
  • Practical exercise on body analysis (Body Shape)
  • Practical exercise on face analysis (Facial Shape)
  • Practical exercise on style analysis

During each exercise the trainees have the chance to put into practice the theoretical knowledge learned in first person, relying on a typical client who participates in the session. Each of the participants is supported by a teacher who assists him, guiding him throughout the activity.
Unlike what happens in other courses, it is possible to practice in real situations and in first person: it is not the teachers who advise the students, but the students themselves who get involved.

In short

8-hour practical training day from 9 to 18 with lunch break.



Face-to-face lessons at the Rome office


Teaching materials

  • Technical data sheets to carry out the consultancy
  • If you are not in possession of the tools and drapes, they will be provided.
  • Participation certificate

The teachers

Isabella Ratti
Style Coach Business Image Strategist | Member AICI Italy Chapter

Business Image Expert, she has been working for years in the management consulting field, dealing with national and international companies in different sectors. This has allowed her to be a valid support for professionals and companies that want to improve the management of their business.

She is the author of two books published with Dario Flaccovio, “Fashion Marketing” and “Your online and offline image“. 
She founded the company Isabella ratti Style Coaching and Consulting SAGL.
Co-Founder of the Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine, head of the Image Consultant specialisation course at the IED in Milan, President of the Associazione Consulenti d’Immagine AICI Italy Chapter from June 2019 to June 2021 and member of the AICI Italy Chapter.
Ilaria Marocco
Ilaria Marocco
The Business Dress coder | Member AICI Italy Chapter

Expert in Public Image Management, I combined my University studies in Fashion Science with a Master in Communication to merge the 2 disciplines and deal with the communicative value of clothing, especially in the corporate field.

For years I have been working and collaborating as an Image expert with important private and corporate clients, supporting them in the creation of an effective and solid image that conveys their own values through the research of valorizing clothing capable of transferring the desired message to themselves and their interlocutors. Ten years of experience as Image Consultant, Teacher at the Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine and since 2019 member of AICI Italy Chapter.

Treasurer and secretary of the association of image consultants AICI Italy Chapter from June 2019 to June 2021

Boot camp, practical session in the classroom

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Ilaria Marocco

Isabella Ratti




Un manuale esaustivo e interdisciplinare perfetto per aspiranti image consultant, personal shopper o appassionati del settore. È un concentrato dell’esperienza delle due autrici e della loro passione per la loro professione e per l’insegnamento.

Ilaria Marocco

The Business Dresscoder
Member AICI Italy Chapter

After graduating in “Science of Fashion and Costume” at La Sapienza University in Rome, she continued her training in Milan, specialising in Image Consulting with the best trainers in Italy. Together with her university studies, she furthered her studies on Verbal, Paraverbal, Non-Verbal Communication and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) at the Public Communication University of Rome. These two courses have enabled her to strengthen her knowledge of the role of clothing as a persuasive element in non-verbal communication. An expert in public image management, she works and collaborates with important private and corporate organisations. In corporate consulting she supports organisations that need to create a coordinated, solid and coherent corporate image capable of coherently communicating the value of their work, designing and conceiving corporate uniforms and/or educating teams on the correct corporate Dress Code. In Consulting for private individuals, she works alongside women searching for intelligent and enhancing clothing capable of transferring the desired message to their interlocutors. Since 2019 she has been a member of AICI Italy Chapter.

Treasurer and secretary of the association of image consultants AICI Italy Chapter from June 2019 to June 2021.

For further information you can consult her LinkedIn profile or visit her website

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