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Colour analysis is a fundamental part of the image consultant profession. This discipline deals with the study of colour harmony with the aim of identifying the shades that best suit a person based on their combination with eye, skin and hair tones.

At the Accademia Consulenza d'Immagine the module on colour analysis is an essential and fundamental aspect of the entire profession of the image consultant and, precisely for this reason, it is covered not only through lectures but also through practical exercises.

Our ACI International Colour Analysis method

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Colour analysis in the Image Consulting Academy is conducted using the 16-season method, even though all students are familiar with and learn about the history and evolution of colour theory.

The 16-season theory introduces important innovations compared to previous theorisations, including the concept of pure seasons with exclusively warm or cool tones. This, together with the introduction of key concepts such as tone and undertone, constitutes the basis for a correct and professional colour analysis.

In addition, our students can learn the 4 parameters of the 16-season theory that underlies our ACI International Colour Analysis method, such as hue, brightness, saturation and temperature.

Despite the fact that colour analysis is one of the most complex elements of the entire profession – due to its intrinsic interdisciplinary nature – the teachers are ready to guide their students in the discovery of this fascinating world and support them in the implementation of the chosen method.

The importance of analysis with drapes

At the Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine we strongly believe in the importance of colour analysis conducted using drapes (34 fabrics measuring 50x30cm), as it is a precious tool for identifying the absolute season to which the client belongs.

Draping – colour analysis with drapes – is one of the most effective methods and it requires, under the best possible conditions, the presence of the consultant and the client in the same room. By placing drapes of different colours on the face, the overall effect can be judged and a personalised palette can be defined.

Who it is aimed at

  • Anyone wishing to become an image consultant.
  • Hairdressers, aestheticians, make-up artists, clothing and accessory retailers, dressmakers, modellers, wedding planners, shop assistants, stylists and fashion operators to improve the service offered to clients, with new knowledge that will enhance the work already done, increasing the loyalty of existing clients and attracting new ones.
  • Fashion sales staff for boutiques and stores to update their skills and enhance customer service even further.

In brief

Duration: 16 hours, 8 hours/day


Lessons and exercises take place online on Zoom (no recorded video lessons).

Course material

  • Certificate of attendance
  • Course handouts and slides in pdf
  • Tool kit

The Professors

Isabella Ratti
Style Coach Business Image Strategist | Member AICI Italy Chapter

Business Image Expert, she has been working for years in the management consulting field, dealing with national and international companies in different sectors. This has allowed her to be a valid support for professionals and companies that want to improve the management of their business.

She is the author of two books published with Dario Flaccovio, “Fashion Marketing” and “Your online and offline image“. 
She founded the company Isabella ratti Style Coaching and Consulting SAGL.
Co-Founder of the Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine, head of the Image Consultant specialisation course at the IED in Milan, President of the Associazione Consulenti d’Immagine AICI Italy Chapter from June 2019 to June 2021 and member of the AICI Italy Chapter.

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