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In a society that is becoming more and more image-conscious, it is increasingly important to be able to support entrepreneurs, managers and business men through image consulting. The Image Consulting Academy offers an entire module dedicated to this fascinating, complex and multifaceted world.

What does image consultancy for men involve?

Men’s image consultancy involves an overall analysis of the individual aimed at identifying his strengths and the subsequent development of a strategy to enhance his characteristics. For this, as with image consultancy aimed at women, it is necessary to conduct a multi-level analysis which is divided into:

Men's colour analysis using the ACI - International Colour Analysis method:

This is a study aimed at developing a personalised palette containing all the tones and undertones capable of enhancing the individual.

Morphological analysis for men:

Identifying a person’s anatomical strengths is the starting point for providing valuable suggestions about clothing that can emphasise them and, at the same time, be able to hide any imperfection.

Men's style:

Defining a man’s style is not a simple task, since it is necessary to consider what the dress code requires in each situation. A skilled image consultant is able to find the right balance between the client’s personal taste, elegance and personal expression!

Personal branding for men:

don’t forget that clothing is a fundamental element in everyone’s personal branding and promotion strategy. Especially if your client has an important role or a prestigious position, it is essential to perform men’s image consulting with these considerations in mind.

Men’s image consultancy is therefore increasingly popular in the business world thanks to the advantages it brings: when carried out professionally and comprehensively, it enables you to transform your image into a powerful communication tool, including non-verbal messages, and to make an excellent first impression.

How to carry out men's image consultancy?

In order to carry out professional men’s image consulting, it is necessary to know the tools and techniques of image consultancy. In particular, it is important not to underestimate the profound differences between image consulting for women and for men.

Although the result must be the same (i.e. providing an image strategy that allows those who have chosen you to fully express their personality, also through their appearance), the tools and technical characteristics are quite different. Therefore, during this specific module of the Image Consulting Academy, the teachers will provide all the information necessary to carry out this activity successfully and professionally.

In brief

Duration: 16 hours, 8 hours per day


Lessons and exercises take place online on Zoom (no recorded video lessons).

Course material

  • Certificate of attendance
  • Course material in pdf format

The Professors

Isabella Ratti
Style Coach Business Image Strategist | Member AICI Italy Chapter

Business Image Expert, she has been working for years in the management consulting field, dealing with national and international companies in different sectors. This has allowed her to be a valid support for professionals and companies that want to improve the management of their business.

She is the author of two books published with Dario Flaccovio, “Fashion Marketing” and “Your online and offline image“. 
She founded the company Isabella ratti Style Coaching and Consulting SAGL.
Co-Founder of the Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine, head of the Image Consultant specialisation course at the IED in Milan, President of the Associazione Consulenti d’Immagine AICI Italy Chapter from June 2019 to June 2021 and member of the AICI Italy Chapter.
Ilaria Marocco
Ilaria Marocco
The Business Dress coder | Member AICI Italy Chapter

Expert in Public Image Management, I combined my University studies in Fashion Science with a Master in Communication to merge the 2 disciplines and deal with the communicative value of clothing, especially in the corporate field.

For years I have been working and collaborating as an Image expert with important private and corporate clients, supporting them in the creation of an effective and solid image that conveys their own values through the research of valorizing clothing capable of transferring the desired message to themselves and their interlocutors. Ten years of experience as Image Consultant, Teacher at the Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine and since 2019 member of AICI Italy Chapter.

Treasurer and secretary of the association of image consultants AICI Italy Chapter from June 2019 to June 2021

Image consulting for men - Image Consulting Academy

The Image Consultancy Academy includes a module on men’s image consultancy and it is taught in the advanced training course. During the classes students can learn about the morphological and somatic differences that differentiate a business aimed at a female clientele from a male one, as well as the peculiar elements of male style with a few secrets on power dressing. What are you waiting for? Test your skills and refine your technique by signing up for our course!

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