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What is content marketing and how can it be used to promote yourself online by creating quality content for your followers? Writing texts for the web is a skill that is increasingly requested not only in the business environment, but also as a tool to promote your business as an image consultant. Find out more about the world of content marketing by enrolling in our Image Consulting Academy course.

Why content marketing?

Strategic writing and web content promotion are an increasingly important asset for anyone wishing to promote their business online. Contrary to what one might think, content marketing is not an abstract discipline, but is something real and practical which, if carried out in a strategic and timely manner, can bring excellent results.

Content marketing is therefore the set of techniques that allow you to write texts (both for your website and social media) that are effective not only to reach your target audience, but also to please search engines. An apparently difficult balance, which can be achieved by knowing a few secrets and with a bit of practice.

The benefits of content marketing for image consultants

Knowing the basic principles of content marketing is useful for everyone who wants to promote their business online, but especially for image consultants who are their own entrepreneurs. Among the positive practical implications of knowing this subject are:

  • Mastering a digital tool useful for numerous strategies
  • Content marketing is a fundamental component of omnichannel strategies.
  • Learning to write texts optimised for search engines
  • SEO Copywriting is not only creativity, but above all strategy
  • Learning how to structure a sales funnel through content marketing and persuasive copywriting.

Course program

Introduction to content marketing: how writing texts for the web has changed

  • Content marketing and its relationship with SEO
  • Which results you can achieve with content marketing
  • What is SEO Copywriting
  • All the types of text you need

How to write for the web and become the first result on Google

  • Principles of content marketing
  • How to identify your target audience
  • What it means to write a quality text
  • Grammar is your friend
  • How to optimise a text for the web
  • Which images you can use and which you should not

The importance of the editorial plan in a medium to long term strategy

  • How to set the right goals
  • Where to publish
  • How often to publish
  • What to publish
  • KPIs and analysis of results

How to write texts for social media

  • Each platform has its own style
  • Content marketing and social storytelling
  • Text types and target audience
  • How to plan texts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Are stories on Instagram content marketing? What about Tiktok?

Exercises and coaching

Each student, supported by the professor, will be asked to prepare an editorial plan, 1 text content and its following publication and promotion on the main social networks.

In brief

Duration: 12 hours


Lessons and online exercises on Zoom (no recorded video lessons).

Teaching materials

  • Certificate of attendance;
  • Slides shown during training in pdf format

The Professors

Angelica eruli
Angelica Eruli
Content Marketing Expert Founder of Wecontent

Born below the Cupolone and raised in the shadow of the Madonnina, I combine my passion for semantics with that of digital marketing. As a child I wanted to conquer the world and today I am madly in love with Wecontent, the first Italian content house.

Content Marketing for image consultants

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