Fabrics Course

If your dream is to become a bridal consultant or you would like to learn more about this subject, don’t miss this opportunity to take part in this course. Those who sign up as soon as possible can enjoy a discount on the enrollment fee!

Fabrics and their meanings are well known to image consultants. Would you like to discover how to use fabrics to make a good first impression and build a coherent and effective image? Discover the costs of the Image Consulting Academy

The meaning of fabrics

Fabrics, like colours, are able to convey emotions and provide important information to those in front of you. Precisely for this reason, the history of fashion pays particular attention to the study of this subject which, over the years, has been used by kings, emperors and prominent figures to convey their role and status.

Fabrics are, therefore, not just a tool in the hands of designers who, runaway after runaway, create different refinements and combinations, but they are an essential communicative tool. Have you ever thought of the solemnity assumed by people wearing velvet or brocade or, on the contrary, the feeling of lightness and refinement of those who use silk?

These elements, together with the colour of a fabric, are fundamental for those who work in image consultancy and want to pursue their profession in a productive, satisfying and long-lasting way.

The importance of fabrics for the image consultant

The image consultant, as image professional, has the task of identifying the solutions that allow you to fully enhance a person. In this respect, the choice of fabrics is also one of the tools that can be used to create a successful image that conveys the individual’s personality in every way.

Consequently, the image consultant must not only master colour analysis, but also know the evocative meaning of fabrics, their history and how to use them in compliance with the Dress Code.

In brief

Duration: 8 hours, 1 day


Online lessons and exercises on Zoom (no recorded video lessons). 

Course material

  • Certificate of attendance;
  • Slides projected shown the training in pdf format;

The Professors

Isabella Ratti
Style Coach Business Image Strategist | Member AICI Italy Chapter

Business Image Expert, she has been working for years in the management consulting field, dealing with national and international companies in different sectors. This has allowed her to be a valid support for professionals and companies that want to improve the management of their business.

She is the author of two books published with Dario Flaccovio, “Fashion Marketing” and “Your online and offline image“. 
She founded the company Isabella ratti Style Coaching and Consulting SAGL.
Co-Founder of the Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine, head of the Image Consultant specialisation course at the IED in Milan, President of the Associazione Consulenti d’Immagine AICI Italy Chapter from June 2019 to June 2021 and member of the AICI Italy Chapter.

How to become an image consultant

If you want to become an image consultant and turn your passion into a profession, you can rely on the Accademia Consulenza di Immagine: our advanced training course includes a specific module on the study of fabrics, their history and the meaning they convey.

Accompanied by our teachers, you will discover the importance of knowing how to choose the right fabric according to the occasion, the season and the context in which you find yourself. The choice of fabrics is an important element for the image consultant who also uses this element to guide his or her client towards a better version of themselves.

€ 350.00 including VAT