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In the last few years, and particularly since the UN 2030 targets were set, the fashion industry has also had a major breakthrough on the issue of sustainability. The major fashion houses have realised how important it is for customers to wear eco-friendly clothes and accessories and have committed themselves to creating production chains that minimise their impact on the environment.

Course Description

The combination of fashion and sustainability is the new frontier of fashion and fashion marketing in particular. Not only have fashion brands taken the environmental cause to heart, but they are also learning to use this theme and improve their image and create ad hoc branding strategies.

Green fashion is sweeping away fast fashion: is this the dawn of a new era? For some brands, yes. One example? Uniqlo has implemented its own sustainable and environmental component, emphasising that its products are oriented towards values that are far from fast fashion. But it’s not the only one: even Gucci, recently increasingly aware of the needs of the younger generations, is committed (and spreading its commitment) to the environmental cause.

During the module “Fashion and sustainability: the new frontier” we will address these topics and many others, aiming to understand the importance of the sustainability issue in the fashion world.

Topics addressed:

  • The importance of sustainability for new generations
  • The fashion supply chain in fast fashion
  • What has changed in the last few years
  • Is sustainability just a marketing trick?
  • What is the concrete commitment of the fashion maisons
  • Successful examples: from Gucci to Uniqlo.

To whom it is addressed

  • Students of: fashion, communication, journalism, cinema, audiovisuals
  • Communication specialists in different fields
  • Fashion workers
  • Stylists, designers, and photographers
  • Digital content creators
  • Retailers and buyers
  • Image consultants, personal shoppers
  • Fashion dynamics enthusiasts

In brief

Duration: 3 hours online


Online lessons and exercises on Zoom (no recorded video lessons). 

The Professors

Isabella Ratti
Style Coach Business Image Strategist | Member AICI Italy Chapter

Business Image Expert, she has been working for years in the management consulting field, dealing with national and international companies in different sectors. This has allowed her to be a valid support for professionals and companies that want to improve the management of their business.

She is the author of two books published with Dario Flaccovio, “Fashion Marketing” and “Your online and offline image“. 
She founded the company Isabella ratti Style Coaching and Consulting SAGL.
Co-Founder of the Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine, head of the Image Consultant specialisation course at the IED in Milan, President of the Associazione Consulenti d’Immagine AICI Italy Chapter from June 2019 to June 2021 and member of the AICI Italy Chapter.

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