Instagram and Facebook for Image Consultants

Instagram and Facebook for Image Consultants Course

If your dream is to become a bridal consultant or you would like to learn more about this subject, don’t miss this opportunity to take part in this course. Those who sign up as soon as possible can enjoy a discount on the enrollment fee!

Social media are, today more than ever, the first and best way to communicate with the rest of the world. If you want to optimise your social profiles, transforming your profiles into productive, stimulating and engaging portals, take part in the course 'Instagram and Facebook for image consultants'. Together with the professors Veronica Gentili and Francesco Mattucci you will learn how to optimise your profiles, capturing the interest of followers.

The importance of social communication for image consultants?

Communication is undergoing a significant evolution and, for this reason, it is important to learn how to communicate in a direct, timely and, above all, optimised manner. Knowing how to communicate effectively on social networks does not only mean gaining the ‘follow’ of your followers, but also capturing their attention with videos, images and interesting, engaging and clear content.

Being able to communicate clearly and effectively through social media, Facebook and Instagram in particular, is vital to succeed and excel in the fashion world. Large brands, small and medium-sized companies, advertising campaigns and all those numerous businesses that need to deal with the public, exploit these portals because through them they can convey messages, initiatives or simply make themselves known.

This is why for an image consultant, whose goal is to help people enhance themselves and convey the right message through their person, knowing how to communicate effectively through web platforms is essential. Involving users with practical advice on how to always achieve the best results, or explaining techniques and tricks for enhancing one’s outfits, could be a good way to optimise the use of social media.

A marketing strategy, but also a stage from which to involve the largest number of users, maximising the functionality of one of the most used and popular tools of the moment.

Why learn how to communicate online?

By taking part in the “Instagram and Facebook for Image Consultants” course, you will learn how to communicate online:

  • use the most effective communication strategies to catch the attention of your followers with appropriate topics and content;
  • manage your communication tools to obtain maximum results in terms of effectiveness and user response;
  • convey credibility to your followers;
  • control the timing and method of publishing content;

All of these skills are particularly relevant for getting the best out of your social accounts. Communicating, especially for those who wish to become image consultants, is the starting point.

In brief

Duration: 8 hours


Lectures and online exercises on Zoom (no recorded video lectures).

Teaching materials

  • Certificate of attendance;
  • Slides shown during the training in pdf format

The Professors

Veronica Gentili
Facebook Marketing Expert

Veronica Gentili is one of the best-known faces of Digital Marketing in Italy and has thousands of hours of training and hundreds of thousands of euros managed and supervised for her clients in Facebook Ads. Author of three books (“Professione Social Media Manager”, “Advertising on Facebook and Instagram” and “Facebook marketing plan”), in 2017 she opened the Veronica Gentili Academy.

Francesco Mattucci
Digital Trainer & Consulting at Garage Raw

Photographer and Instagrammer, creator of the @kitchensuspension project. He is the founder of Garage Raw, a content & digital marketing agency specialising in the creation of visual content.

He works on Social training, writes a Blog – – and, most of the time, is dedicated to Visual content production. In 2019, he published “Instagram is not photography”.

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If you want to gain visibility from your social media profiles by exploiting the communication skills that these two platforms offer, sign up for our course “Instagram and Facebook for image consultants” at the Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine. Thanks to the preparation of our teachers and their continuous training, you will be able to rely on targeted techniques and strategies to meet all your aspirations.