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16 Luxury Palette Colours

The colour palette is a tool that the image consultant gives to the client at the end of the colour consultation. It consists of 16 palettes that can be used by those who choose the ACI (International Colour Analysis) method of the 16 seasons.

16 palette kits (1 per subgroup)


Made in Italy

Shipment in 7 working days, subject to stock availability.

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Product description

Each Luxury Colour Palette is divided into 19 cards indicating the most suitable shades for each season. In particular, they are structured as follows:

  • Wardrobe cards;
  • 5 Must Have colours for the basic wardrobe;
  • Colours for accessories (bags, hats, glasses);
  • Colours for jewellery on a silver or gold base;
  • Shades for eye make-up, lips and blush;

The 16 Luxury Colour Palettes are linked by their practicality and their pocket size: each of them can be carried with you at all times for more conscious shopping.

Who needs the Luxury Colour Palette

The Luxury Palette Colours of the Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine has been designed for all image consultants who – at the end of the appointment on Armocromy – have been able to establish the subgroup to which their client belongs and wish to leave an immediate reference of the colours that best enhance them.

Remember that the Luxury Palette Colours is not a tool for carrying out colour analysis: for this activity it is preferable to use the drapes or tools which allow you to establish the season to which you belong in a professional manner.

At the same time, the Luxury Colour Palette must not replace the personalised palette: every image consultant who conducts consulting activities in a professional way must start from the colours that fully enhance the figure suggested by the season to which their clients belong and create the personalised palette on the basis of the customer’s needs and tastes.

The Accademia Consulenza d’Immagine has designed the Luxury Colour Palette specifically for image consultants: on the back of each product you can insert your own logo in order to personalise your client’s experience.

Why buy the Academy’s Colour Analysis Kit?

The Luxury Colour Palette is a valuable tool for the image consultant and all professionals in the image world (makeup artists, hairdressers or shop managers) who conduct their work in a professional manner. Please note that each palette can be delivered at the end of the armocromatic analysis to provide an initial indication to the customer of the shades that best enhance him or her and that he or she can choose, if desired, during the shopping experience.



Can I buy Luxury Colour Palettes even if I am not an image consultant?

Yes, even if you are not an image consultant you can make full use of it.


How do I use the Luxury Palette Colors?

Each Luxury Colour Palette is structured to contain all the shades that can be used by those who belong to a certain season to fully enhance their features. It contains not only the colours for your wardrobe, but also those for your accessories and make-up.


Out of stock

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Ilaria Marocco

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Un manuale esaustivo e interdisciplinare perfetto per aspiranti image consultant, personal shopper o appassionati del settore. È un concentrato dell’esperienza delle due autrici e della loro passione per la loro professione e per l’insegnamento.

Ilaria Marocco

The Business Dresscoder
Member AICI Italy Chapter

After graduating in “Science of Fashion and Costume” at La Sapienza University in Rome, she continued her training in Milan, specialising in Image Consulting with the best trainers in Italy. Together with her university studies, she furthered her studies on Verbal, Paraverbal, Non-Verbal Communication and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) at the Public Communication University of Rome. These two courses have enabled her to strengthen her knowledge of the role of clothing as a persuasive element in non-verbal communication. An expert in public image management, she works and collaborates with important private and corporate organisations. In corporate consulting she supports organisations that need to create a coordinated, solid and coherent corporate image capable of coherently communicating the value of their work, designing and conceiving corporate uniforms and/or educating teams on the correct corporate Dress Code. In Consulting for private individuals, she works alongside women searching for intelligent and enhancing clothing capable of transferring the desired message to their interlocutors. Since 2019 she has been a member of AICI Italy Chapter.

Treasurer and secretary of the association of image consultants AICI Italy Chapter from June 2019 to June 2021.

For further information you can consult her LinkedIn profile or visit her website www.ilariamarocco.it

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